Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Did you ever try to reach your friends using the shared location on Whatsapp and ended up somewhere else? It happens to me quite often. Would you believe it if I say you can reach the exact location you are supposed to reach without getting lost in other places? What3words app has a different code for every 3 meters, and no location has the same code as other locations. The three-word pin is unique, using which you can reach the location up to 3 meters accuracy. This blog by techmumma tells you a few interesting features and how you can use the app. 

About What3words:

There are several uses and interesting features in this app that made it popular quickly. Let us see how this app can be useful to use with the various features available in it.



  • As the location is accurate to 3 meters, any emergency services will find it easy to trace your location.
  • You can save your favorite spots or places in the app itself so that you can visit them again later
  • You can share the exact location with delivery people or even with the car breakdown services 
  • Planning exact meet-up locations with your friends will be easier using this app as it has accurate codes.
  • Navigation to any place is easy, and guiding people with this app will give them more accurate locations.


  • You can find your current what3words pin even when you are offline
  • What3words app is compatible with many navigation apps
  • You can use compass mode to navigate when you have trouble with your internet
  • The app is available in 40 languages
  • The locations that you save can be categorized into lists

How to Use the What3words app

  • The first thing you do after you open the app is a Menu with different languages. You have to choose and download the language you want (English UK) by default.
  • After choosing the language, the system will ask for permission to access your location, select on allow. 
  • Selecting on allow, will take you to the home screen and open a tutorial on how to use the app. You can also skip the tutorial by tapping on the skip option available in the top right corner.
  • After entering the app, you will see a screen with a search bar “find your three-word address.” Below that, you can see a map with different locations nearby you.
  • You can find out the three words’ unique code for any location by searching it using the search box. Type any location, and the map will show you all the available locations with that name.
  • You can click on the address based on your interest, and that three words will appear in the search box available on top of the screen. Remember that no two addresses that are 3 meters away will have the same three-word pin.
language setup
language setup


location for What3words
location for What3words


Share a Location Using What 3 Words

  • Now, below the map, you will have different options like share, navigate, save, photo and other such options.
  • Clicking on the share option will allow you to share your current location or any location you want to share with any of your friends. After selecting the address, tap on the share, and you will see many third-party messaging apps open, where you can choose through which you want to share the address with your contacts.
  • If you click on to navigate, it will take you to the application that allows you to navigate to the selected address. You can choose any application from the available apps. Suppose you choose google maps. It will show you the location by giving you the latitude and longitude of the location, along with directions.
share pr navigate on What3words
share pr navigate on What3words
  • You can also save any location by tapping on the save option. This will let you have a list of all the saved locations, and you can view this from the menu (three-line) symbol available on the left top corner of the screen.
  • On the left top corner menu bar, you will have many options like setting, profile, Import photo, tutorial, saved locations, etc.
  • If you have to change any of the pre given settings, you can click on settings, and you will have different options like language settings, map settings, share settings, etc.
  • Clicking on language settings again, you can change the language preference. Clicking on the map setting will let you enable different ways of viewing the map in the application.
  • Share setting will allow you to modify the location sharing format( change the format of how you want to share your location). There will be options such as explainer text, weblink, three-word address, latitude longitude, etc.


What 3 Words Download & Installation for Android/iOS

  • Go to the Play store(if you are using Android) / App store (if you are using iOS)
  • Type “What3words” in the search bar
  • Choose the top suggestion that shows “ what3words:Never get lost again”.
  • Click on install and open the app after it gets installed. 
  • Do the pre settings such as choosing the language and allowing required permissions.
  • Now, you are good to start using the app.


Which app allows you to access it even when you are offline? What3words app does, and that is something I found lovely using this app. This allows you to access and share the best accurate address with anyone during an emergency. This blog covers almost all the information you need to know about the  app. Let me know your experience using this app.


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