Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
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Who doesn’t enjoy songs? Music is something that we relate to in any mood or situation. With the increase in online music streaming applications such as Gaana, Wink, and Spotify, people have access to the music they want at their fingertips. We don’t download songs anymore. Almost everyone now uses unlimited internet packs and the main concern for us these days is storage, so we prefer to listen to music online. Certainly, Spotify is a famous music streaming application with over 200 million users. Though it provides the best service, there are few issues that Spotify users face while using the app. Spotify can’t play the current song track” is one such error most people face quite often.

If you are one of those users who are facing this issue and waiting for it to fix on its own, then you are doing it wrong. You can fix this by yourself by knowing how this error occurs and the solutions to fix this. If you are looking for this information, then you are at the right place. I will explain to you the reasons why Spotify shows this error and what you can do to fix this easily. Stick with the blog and read till the end if you don’t want to miss out on any solution. Let us get started.

Spotify Error – “Can’t Play the current song track.” How to Fix It


Before getting into the solutions, let us understand why Spotify shows this error and several reasons for this to happen. There are various reasons for this error to show up while using the app, and sometimes it might happen because of Spotify’s server issue itself, and in such cases, it will fix itself without you having to do anything. But if it is some other reason, you can fix it yourself instead of waiting for it to get fixed. So here is a list of a few reasons for the Spotify app to show that error.

spotify error cant play the song
spotify error cant play the song
  • Issues related to the Spotify program
  • Data and cache that Spotify app uses
  • The song is not available in the database of the app
  • Faulty hardware
  • Change in Spotify’s subscription level

These are a few of the common reasons for Spotify to show the error, but there might be many more reasons. Let us see what you can do to fix the above error reasons in your Spotify app.

Now that we see why the “Can’t play the song track” error in Spotify occurs, let us also see how you can fix the solutions to the problems that I mentioned above. You can use some common techniques that will fix the problem irrespective of why the error has occurred. Let us discuss the solutions here. 

  • Disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Restart and login
  • Disable or Enable Cross Fading
  • Clear the cache of Spotify song
  • Reinstall the Spotify

Disable Hardware Acceleration to fix Spotify error: 

Few apps will allow you to disable the Hardware acceleration to work or run more smoothly. Spotify is one of those applications. You will have an option to disable the other apps running so that Spotify will work better. Here are the steps you can follow to fix this.

  • Open Spotify app. You will find settings on the top right corner, select the icon, and open settings.
  • In the options available in settings, you will see Show advanced settings. Click on that.
  • Under Show advanced settings, you’ll see Compatibility settings. Click on that.
  • Now, you’ll see an option to “Enable Hardware Acceleration” Check if it is enabled or disabled.
  • Tap on that two times to turn it on if it is off and vice versa. Now restart the Spotify App to see if the song is playing without showing the error.

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Restart and log in:

Most of the applications work fine after we restart the app, and this is what most of the users do. Even Spotify users have accepted the same. If you are planning to log out and log in, you can follow the steps in the Spotify app.

  • Open the Spotify app and click on the down arrow, which is on the top right corner.
  • You will see a dropdown of a private session, Settings, etc. choose the logout option available as a last option.
  • Now, you will log out of the app, and it will itself ask you to log in if you have to start using the app.
  • As soon as you log in, refresh the app and check if it works fine without showing the error.

Disable or enable Cross Fading:

Most of the Music streaming apps face the issue because of crossfading. Usually, the application’s crossfading is turned off by default(how it should be). Check your crossfading option to see if it is enabled. If it is enabled, turn it off, and in case it is disabled, turn it on. It depends on the Spotify settings. If you are planning to check your Crossfading option, here are a few steps to follow.

  • Open the Spotify app, and on the left top corner, you will find the Spotify settings icon.
  • Select the settings, and you will see a menu of options and choose to show advanced settings.
  • Under Advanced Settings, you will see playback settings. Click on that.
  • Now change the adjustment bar and bring it to 0 seconds.
  • Restart the Spotify app and see if the song is playing now. It wouldn’t show errors after this modification. If this option is disabled, turn it on.

Reinstall Spotify:

If nothing works, this is the best thing you can do. Remove the Spotify app, reinstall it from the play store or app store, and log in again. If you are doing it on the PC, use some uninstalling software like Revo uninstaller as uninstalling it from the control panel will sometimes not remove it completely. Tap and hold to get the option to uninstall the app from the mobile. One you reinstall, it will show you the saved login credentials most of the time or if you haven’t saved it the first time then you will have to enter the credentials again and start using the app. Check if this works .


These are some ways you can fix the “can’t play this song track” error on Spotify by yourself. Not all the methods will work for you. It depends on the course whether it will work or not. So I recommend you to try all the methods before thinking of any other way. Also, as a last try, see clearing the spotify song cache and see if it works. Let me know if this has helped you through comments.

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