Mon. Nov 29th, 2021
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Instagram has been the best social App to date. Because of its new features and trends that allow its users to be creative. Do you remember the Square grid post? That Instagram has, it is not any additional feature of Instagram that helps its users, but it is how people utilize it. It was so cool, and there are many other such trending features instagram has developed in the recent years. All those are no more trending  and are gone. Do you know what is trending now? Yes, it is split-screen post on Instagram.

People are posting amazing clicks on their Instagram walls using this split-screen posting. Even though this is not an additional feature of Instagram, it uses the Instagram feature, which allows us to post the different pictures in the same post in the form of slides. With enough effort and little talent, you can give that amazing look to your Instagram wall by using this feature. Are you already aware of this and looking for a process to post pictures using a split-screen? If yes, then I should say you are at the right place. In this blog, I will explain the process of how to post a split-screen picture on your Instagram wall with less effort. 

Split-screen post on Instagram


Panorama Crop App


Don’t you think you need an expert app to make an expert quality post? Before understanding the process, let us know a little about this App we will be talking about going forward. Panorama Crop App allows you to make the most out of the multi-photo posts that Instagram has introduced. Here are a few features of this App that might not be covered while explaining the processes. But you can still use them to make your picture more attractive.


  • Panorama App will allow you to slice the picture into ten pictures with one touch.
  • You have different options like Resize, Crop, Zoom, Rotate, etc., available that you can use to edit your image.
  • The sizes to which the picture is adjustable are supported by Instagram standard (16:9 – 4:5) 
  • Panorama App will preserve photo quality and support High-resolution images.
  • It also allows you to preview the image before posting.
  • This App lets you save the sliced pictures to your phone gallery.
Panorama app for Split-screen post on Instagram
Panorama app for Split-screen post on Instagram

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How to make a Split-screen post on Instagram using Panorama Crop App


  • Go to the play store and type “Panorama Crop” in the search bar, select Pnoramacrop from Instagram App and click on install.
  • After the Panorama app is installed, open the App, and it will take you to the home screen where you will have three options: “New swipeable post,” “New nocrop post,” “New gridpost.”
  • Click on “New swipeable post,” and it will open your phone gallery where you can choose the picture that you want to upload from your albums.
  • After choosing a picture, it will have options about how many slides you want to post it. YOu will be seeing numbers below the screen and choose accordingly.
  • If you want to post the pictures in three parts, choose three, or if you want to post as five, choose 5. When you are happy with the picture, select the tick mark on the top right corner of the screen.
  • This will allow you to preview the post, select on ok when you are ready, and allow you to post directly on Instagram or click on it later if you want to save it in your phone gallery.
  • The gallery will be saved as two different pictures, and you should be careful while posting to see if you are posting it in the right sequence. Double-check it if you save it for later as you don’t need to worry when you directly open Instagram to post from the App.
  • You can now post it on Instagram and exit the App.
Split-screen post on Instagram
Split-screen post on Instagram


select num of parts
select num of parts




There are many other ways to make a multi-picture post. There are various apps available to post a split picture on your Instagram. But the Panorama crop app has these amazing features where your pictures will not be compressed and have the same high quality that looks stunning on your Instagram wall. Also, you need not worry about the size as it slices the picture based on what size Instagram accepts. I hope this blog provided you with the information that you are looking for. So, what is stopping you now? Make your Instagram wall look trendy by trying the split picture posting and enjoy the likes.


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