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Shareit Alternatives

SHARE IT Alternatives: We still remember the Share it app. When someone talks about file transfers, it was a popular app that almost every one of us used at one point in time. We used Share it for instant file transfer like we use Whatsapp for instant messaging. But with new app updates and google security tightening with the release of new Android versions, the user experience is no longer as good as it used to be. The increase in the number of ads while using the apps has increased and sometimes felt irritating while using the app. There are some other alternatives for Share it.

Also, the other main reason is that Share is one of the Chinese apps that the Indian government banned a year ago. It has become troublesome for many of us to choose an app for instant file transfer, and that is when we found few apps that can replace Share it and have almost all the features that Share it has. Also, there were few apps developed to create a better user experience than Share it. If you are looking for another alternative app for Share it, then I think you should read the blog till you get to know all the best alternative apps for the Share it app. You can find all the apps that we are going to discuss here, on google play store or the app store. In this blog, I will explain the six alternative applications for the Share it app. Let us get started.

Share it Alternatives

Shareit Alternatives
Shareit Alternatives

Nearby Share:

Google’s Nearby Share (formerly Fast Share) is a fast and secure way to share files.

Because the service is built into the Android system, it is available on all Android phones, and the users do not need to download any special sharing apps for it to work.

  • Open your mobile, and in the search bar, type Settings.
  • After opening the settings, you will see an option called Device connections
  • When you click on the device connections, you can see different options like Android Auto, Devices, etc.. From those, select the Nearby option.
  • Make sure that Nearby is turned on in both the devices, sending device and receiving device.
  • Now search for the device and pair it up to instantly transfer the files.

Send Anywhere: Share it Alternatives  

You can send any file type anywhere, as the name implies. For a simple file transfer, all you need is a one-time 6-digit key. There is no requirement for Wifi or an internet connection.

You could also use a link to send files to multiple persons at once. And don’t worry about your data’s privacy because a 256-bit file encryption technique safeguards it. The Send Anywhere app contains advertisements, which you may remove by purchasing the Plus version. The premium version additionally boosts file transfer size, stability, and speed of the data transfer.

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Treble shot: 

Treble Shot is an open-source file-sharing application that only works on Android devices. You may use Treble Shot to transfer data to other devices on the same network or create a hotspot to accept files. If a mistake occurs, you can also resume your downloads. Treble Shot app has been around for a while and it has now come a long way since its inception. The app offers a user-friendly layout and is ad-free.

treble shot - Share it alternatives
treble shot – Share it alternatives


Share me:

Share me is one such popular app that can be used as a replacement to Share It. It is so similar to what share it offers. The user interface is also similar to that of Share it. The difference is that it has fewer ads and better speed. Make sure you have the app on your mobile or even download it from the google play store.


  • Open the app in your mobile, and in the home page, you can see two options that say sent and receive.
  • If you want to send files, click on send if you want to receive another device. Click on receive accordingly.
  • So after selecting one among those two, you will get a scanner where you can see the nearby devices or even open the scanner directly to scan and send it to any particular device.
  • After sharing the files, go back and close the app.
Share me Share it alternatives
Share me Share it alternatives


Inshare is another popular app that is similar to Share me and Share it. It has a few more ads compared to Share me. There is not much difference between these apps, even considering the user interface. The only difference is the speed and the ads. If you think the app is better than Share me, you can download it from the google play store. It is available for free.


  • Open the app in your mobile after downloading it and click on either of the two options available that are receive and send.
  • If you click on send, you will see the apps, audio, pictures, and other available media in your phone. You can choose what you want to share, and then when you click on send again, there, you will see all the avatars nearby you.
  • Choose the right user with whom you want to share the files and click on OK. The files are transferred within a few seconds.
InShare Share it alternative
InShare Share it alternative

Smart Share: Share it Alternatives

Smart Share is a file transfer app that does not require mobile data. You can directly share the files with people who are within 100 ft distance by scanning the code. Anyone can use the app for no cost by downloading it from the Google play store for free. The Smart share application allows you to exchange music, video, and image files in between devices.

smart share
smart share


These are the six best Share it alternatives you can use to share files and other documents instantly. The user experience using all these are almost the same, but if you want more ease, you can use treble shot, and if you want more speed, you can use Share Me, I hope, this blog about the Share it alternatives has helped you in understanding the different Share It Alternatives and which you want to install and use to share the files. Let me know in the comments about how this blog was useful for you and which app you find the easiest.


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