Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Whatsapp, unlike many other social apps, is a necessity today. For any quick texts or emergency media transfer, we use WhatsApp instead of other apps like Telegram, Instagram, Facebook etc. So, a few days back I was having a conversation with my Uncle, and he asked me to share a few documents on his Whatsapp. We all have privacy issues. Would you want your relatives or not-so-close people to see your DP and other stories that you post? No, right? Also, saving the contact and then removing that contact after sending texts, Seriously? Don’t even go there. Who even is that jobless nowadays? So I browsed if there is a way to send texts on WhatsApp without saving the contact in the phone, and yes, I found one way to do that and I can’t wait to share this trick with you all.

Send Messages in WhatsApp Without Saving Number or Contact

Here, in this blog, I will share two ways to start a WhatsApp conversation without saving the number of that person.

Method 1: Creating Link (Supports both Android and iOS)

  • Make sure you have a WhatsApp account, and the other person also has a WhatsApp registered on that phone number.
  • Now, to begin with, you will have to create a WhatsApp link in order to start a conversation with the unsaved contact on your phone.
  • To create a link, you have to open the web browser (chrome, firefox, safari) and go to the following web address https://wa.me/phonenumber
  • The last part of the phone number should be replaced with the contact along with the country code, for example. If you want to send a text to a person from India ( 91 ) on phone number 9876543210 then the link should be https://wa.me/9876543210
  • Once you go to this website, you can see a green icon that says “Continue”
  • Click on the icon, and it will take you to the WhatsApp chat window with that particular number, and you can start the conversation with that person without having to save the contact in your mobile.

Method 2: Supports only Android

While checking out the trick mentioned above, I came across another method that only works for Android, yet it is easier. This feature that I am going to mention is not yet available in iOS. So, Android users, this method is for you. 

  • Open your phone keypad and dial the number along with the country code. Do not forget to add + sign before the country code.
  • For example, if you want to text the person from India with the number 9824037161, you have to type +919824037161.
  • Now, tap and hold to select the number. You will get different options including, cut, paste copy, call, etc. 
  • If you tap on the additional options by tapping on the three dots, you can see few third-party social apps.
  • These include Whatsapp, where you can tap on the option, and it will redirect you to the WhatsApp chat window where you can start the conversation.

iOS users, you have to follow by creating the link or waiting for this feature to roll out for iOS. This method is pretty comfortable and easy compared to the above trick, where you have to create a link in the browser. 


I have tried both these methods and they actually worked. So, in case you face situations where you don’t want to or are too lazy to save the contact, or may be when you want to have one time conversations with people for example sharing location to the delivery people etc, in such cases you need not save the contact, instead you can use this simple trick to start a WhatsApp conversation with people by saving their contact on your mobile. Let me know your experience using this way of messaging on Whatsapp.

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