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Screenshot on Windows 10

During any meeting or group calls with your friends, you would want to take a desktop screenshot to capture the moments. Yes, you can also use your mobile, but you will have to compromise on the quality of the image. Pictures have become part of our life, and seriously no one will be willing to take notes of when it is happening in the office or college meetings. We would rather prefer to have a picture with good quality to refer to later when we need it. Have you tried taking a screenshot in your Windows 10 yet?

There are many ways in which you can do it. Let us see a few handy and easy ways to screenshot your desktop in Windows 10 and store it in your device. We shall also see how you can capture a part of the desktop by using the in-built tools that Microsoft has provided you. There are many ways in which you can take a screenshot on Windows 10, and a few of them are by using the inbuilt Microsoft tool called snipping tool, lightroom extension, using the system shortcut keys, etc.


How to Take Screenshots on Windows 10?

Screenshot on Windows 10
Screenshot on Windows 10

Shortcut Keys to screenshot on Windows 10

Using shortcut keys is the simplest way to save any copy of the desktop in your system. Using the Keyboard short keys will allow you to directly store the picture in your device without doing the saving process, Unlike other ways of taking a screenshot. “PrtScn” is the key that is placed on the top side corner of your keyboard. It allows you to click a screenshot on Windows 10. There are many PrtScn variations like:


Simply pressing the PrtScn key on your keyboard will take a copy of the desktop. You can use this copy to paste it in any programs like excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.

print screen
print screen

Windows Key +PrtScn:

Pressing the Windows key and PrtScn together will store the desktop copy in your systems. You can find it in files, Open files, do pictures, and find a folder called screenshots. Open the folder, and you will see the screenshot saved in that folder.

Windows print screen
Windows print screen


Using all the three keys, windows, shift, and S, will allow you to capture the portion of the screen that you want to copy. You can save it to the system, or you can also paste it in other programs. Make sure that you are using the updated version of windows 10 for this feature to work.

windows-shift-S to Screenshot on Windows 10
windows-shift-S to Screenshot on Windows 10


Pressing Alt and PrtScn also allows you to have the picture in your system storage, and you can find the image in files by opening the screenshots in the pictures folder.

alt print screen
alt print screen

These are a few ways you can save or capture the screenshot in your Windows 10 by using just the shortcut keys. There are also other tools and extensions available to do that. Let us look at what those are and how you can screenshot using them.

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Using Snipping Tool to screenshot on Windows 10

  • Open the start menu and click on the snipping tool, and you can see a pop-up on your desktop. 
  • Click on Mode, and you can find options like Free form Snip, Regular Snip, Window Snip, and Full-screen Snip. You can choose from those accordingly based on what kind of screenshot you need.
  • After selecting one of those options, your screen will freeze, and you can make use of your cursor to drag the portion of the screen you want to capture, and it will appear on your snipping tool window.
  • There is a Delay option available beside Mode, which you can use to set the time to capture the screenshot. This is usually used to include a tooltip that can appear only after the mouse movement.
  • There are also drawing tools available to annotate the screenshot. There are many options like choosing the color, highlighting, shapes, etc. 
  •  Save option will be available, or you can also save it using Ctrl+S and type the file name with which you would like to save the screenshot on Windows 10.
snipping tool - Screenshot on windows 10
snipping tool – Screenshot on windows 10


Using Lightroom to screenshot 

Lightroom is an extension that is similar to the Snipping Tool. The extension should be downloaded and added to your browser.

  • Click on the Lightroom extension, and an additional tab will open, which will have the same screen as the tab you opened while clicking on the extension.
  • The screen will be frozen and dim. You have to drag the cursor to select the area that you want to screenshot.
  • After selecting the area, you will get several options that you can use to modify or edit the screenshot. You can use options like text, line, arrow, pen, etc., to annotate the picture.
  • Once you edit it, you will have other options right below the selected area. It will have different apps through which you can share the screenshot, and you will also have a save option.
  • Select the save option, and a pop-up will appear with the files. You can name the image and click on save so the picture will get saved in the storage
  • This can be saved anywhere in the system by changing the flies during the saving process. By default, it will be stored in the Screenshots folder in pictures.
  • You can also directly copy the selected area. There will be a copy option available beside the save option, or you can also use the shortcut keys by pressing Ctrl+C and paste in in other programs.

Lightroom is similar to a snipping tool, but it has more options and is comfortable, but it doesn’t have the screenshot timer setting like the snipping tool. You can use the snipping tool also as they both serve the same purpose.



These are different ways you can take a screenshot in Windows 10. I prefer using the shortcut keys as they are comfortable. You can also explore other tools and extensions that are mentioned. I hope this blog has covered all the information you need. Let me know in the comments which method you follow to take a screenshot in Windows 10.




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