Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Keep The Laptop ON When It Is Closed

How to keep the Laptop on when it is closed? Well, this sounds confusing, right? So I am talking about how to keep the Laptop on, even when you close the lid. Now, I guess it is clear. So most of the time, when we close the Laptop while leaving it for a while, it either goes to sleep mode, or its screen turns off.

It is not much of a problem when this happens while we are not using the Laptop, but imagine you want to listen to songs while keeping the Laptop closed, or there might be many other reasons why you might want your Laptop to be on even after closing it. Is that technically possible? Mmmm..the answer is yes. If you are looking for a right solution to this problem, then this blog is for you. Going further, I will explain the stepwise process you can follow to keep your windows 10 or Macbook on even after closing it. Read until the end to know the complete information. Let us dive into the topic.

How to Keep The Laptop ON When It Is Closed – Windows / MAC

Keep The Laptop ON When It Is Closed
Keep The Laptop ON When It Is Closed

Steps to Keep The Windows 10 laptop on Even When It Is Closed:

  • On your Windows system tray, you can find the battery icon beside the speaker symbol on the right bottom corner of the screen. Right-click on the icon.
  • You will get two options, Power options, and Windows Mobility Center. Select the power options.
  • Under power options, on the left sidebar of the page, you can see a link which shows “Choose what closing the lid does”, now click on the link.
  • You will be redirected to the page where you can find an option that says “When I close the lid,” and besides that, you can see two dropdown buttons. One is for the battery, and the other is for plugged in.
  • Select each dropdown and from the options, choose “Do nothing,” Click on save changes.
  • So, it is possible to keep your Laptop (Windows 10 system)on when it is closed if you plug in or while using the battery power.
  • Now check if the changes are done, close your windows system, and check if it is still on.

Steps to keep the MacBook on when it is closed:

  • In your Macbook, open the Apple Menu by clicking on the Apple icon that you can find on the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Now a dropdown menu will open with menu options such as “About this Mac,” “App store,” etc., among those selected on “System Preference.” 
  • In System preferences, you will see many icons, and from those, click on Energy Saver. If you can’t find it make use of the search bar. It has the light bulb icon.
  • Under energy saver, select the power adapter tab, which is on the top of the screen.
  • With the help of the slider, set the turn display off as never.
  • Remember that to keep your Mac running even when you close it, you need to plug your Macbook into an external monitor and use an external mouse and keyboard.
  • So, after the process, connect your Mac to an external mouse, keyboard, external monitor, and a power source.
  • If you do not have an external monitor, purchase one because it is difficult to keep your Macbook on after closing it, there is no alternate option.
  • Now, check if the process is working, close the Macbook lid, and see if it is still on.


It is very simple to follow these steps and get the work done as it is a straightforward procedure to change system settings so that the Laptop will be on even after closing it. There are several ways to prevent battery draining in your Laptop, we can shut it down, or you can keep it in sleep mode, etc. Though these will save your Laptop’s battery life, the system will usually be off when you do either of those. But there might be times when you would want to close the Laptop but still want it to be on, so in that case, you can follow the above steps based on which system(Windows / Macbook) you are using.

Also, keeping your Laptop on for a very long time might generate a lot of heat, so be aware of this and what you can do about it is change only the lid settings for plugged in and make sure that your Laptop is plugged in whenever you are using it or even when you close it and want it to be on, this is more convenient and also safe. I covered the complete process regarding the topic. I hope you found this blog informative. Let me know through the comments if you need any more details regarding the same or any suggestions are always welcome.


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