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Are you planning to upgrade your PC, but not sure about what Motherboard model you are using? It is sometimes so confusing to know your Motherboard details but it is required for several reasons. Though it is confusing it is not impossible to know your motherboard details. In this blog, I will explain different ways you can follow to check your motherboard serial number, model and other information using Linux, Command prompt, Windows system Information, Motherboard checker Programs and even to check physically. Stick with the blog till the end to know all the ways to find system Motherboard details. Let us get started, without further delay.

Two common ways to check what motherboard you are using:

If you are using a PC with Windows 10 then there are some built-in tools that you can use to find out the motherboard model you are using and other details related to this. Among then these are the two commonly used methods

  1. Checking the system’s Motherboard Model using the Command Prompt
  2. Find System Motherboard details using the Windows System Information

Let us know about each of these methods in detail and the stepwise process to perform them


Checking the system’s Motherboard Model using the Command Prompt

By making use of the Command Prompt you can check your motherboard model and other details like the serial number etc.

  • In your Windows 10, open the Run window by clicking on Windows key+R.
  • In the type bar of the Run window, type cmd and click on the ok option below.
  • You can also type cmd directly in the Start menu in the search bar. Open the command prompt from the search options.
  • Now after you open the command prompt, you should prompt the Windows Management Interface command in order to check your Motherboard, model, name, manufacturer, and other details.
  • Just type wmic in front of the command for example you have to type: “ wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serial number ”  and press enter, to get all the related details.
  • Do not include any spaces or other symbols ( except comma)  in between the command words.


Find System Motherboard details using the Windows System Information

This is another method to check your Motherboard details, but you cannot be sure that it always works. It is compatible with only a few motherboards and for a few non-compatible motherboards, Windows System Information cannot provide the required details regarding the system’s motherboard. But if you have a compatible motherboard, I can say that this is the easiest way to check the Motherboard Model, etc. 

  • Open the Run window using the shortcut keys Windows Key + R, type msinfo32 in the type bar, and press on the OK option below.
  • The Windows System information will be open and you can have an overview of it, with all the details of your system such as OS name, version, Processor, System details such as System Manufacturer, System Model, System type, System SKU, etc.
  • If it shows that the information is not available, understand that your motherboard is compatible and use any other methods mentioned in this blog.
find system motherboard
find system motherboard

Find System Motherboard details using Linux:

 Linux is another easy way to find out your Motherboard model, the first thing you do is to open the terminal in Linux by using the keys CTRL+ALT+T and type the command: “ sudo dmidecode -t 2”.  In the terminal, you will get the summary of your motherboard, which includes its model, brand, and serial number. Also, if you are running Ubuntu on your computer then you can find your motherboard serial number and model information.


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Using Motherboard Checker Programs:

Apart from these, you can also make use of programs to check the details of your motherboard. Below are free options you have to do that.

  1. Using CPU-Z to find out your Motherboard details:
  2. Belarc Advisor to find your Motherboard information:

Using CPU-Z to find out your  System Motherboard details:

CPU-Z is free software that will give a rundown of your system’s hardware components, in case your command prompt cannot retrieve your motherboard details, you can use this software instead, you can download the program from the official website CPU-Z and once you download and install it, start the program to analyze your hardware components. If you want to know more information about your motherboard, you can find it in the Motherboard tab.


Using Belarc Advisor to find your Motherboard information:

Belarc Advisor is another program that is useful if you want to check your motherboard details. One advantage of using this particular software is that it will not share your data to any external server. Initially startup the program, after you run the program it will undergo series of scans. You can skip a few unrequired steps till all the steps are complete. After a while  it will display the information about the system like hardware components, operation system etc.  in which you can also find the motherboard details. If you cannot find it then look for the Main circuit board heading on the right side of the window.

Find system motherboard using belarc advisor
Find system motherboard using belarc advisor


Physically checking your Motherboard type:

If you are not comfortable using the software or if your system is not switching on then you have another option to check your Motherboard details physically. Using the software is always a better option than checking it physically as the system components are usually placed in front and around the motherboard itself. There is no such thing as an exact location to find the model on your motherboard as the location differs based on the brand and layout.  In general, the motherboard model you are using is found where there is space for large text, usually between your CPU, below your RAM slots, under your GPU, etc. You can also find it on the box your motherboard came in, there will be a white label on which the serial number and the Model are mentioned.



These are different methods you can follow to check your system’s motherboard information such as model, serial number etc. You can follow any method that you find comfortable. I hope this blog has helped you with the required information. Let me know through comments if there are easier methods to check the motherboard information. Also, mention which of the above methods you used and your experience.


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