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If you are a user of Snapchat and checking out how to get Dark Mode on Snapchat then we will help you in getting snapchat dark mode on your device. Check out this complete article and enable dark version of Snapchat.

About Snapchat:

Certainly, Snapchat app requires no introduction, right?  But I don’t want any of my readers to feel left out. So in case you are here, but have not used snapchat yet, that is fine. I am starting this blog by giving a little briefing about Snapchat and a few fun features available in here, that made users love this app. Like many other social apps, Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used for instant messaging or snapping. What makes it different and more fun? Privacy! Yes, according to a survey in 2018, 73% of Snapchat users have responded that privacy is the reason they use this app for. Here is the guide on how to enable Snapchat Dark mode for Android and iOS

Secondly, the disappearing feature of this app provides an ultimate experience to its users to share their daily experiences with the world through snaps. One more interesting and I can say a little addicting feature is Snap streaks. Almost every Snapchat user has made it a part of their routine to send snaps to all their friends to maintain streaks. Isn’t it? There are also many more fun features such as Bitmoji, snap games, etc. I think by now, ppl who do not use snapchat might have as well got a picture of this app. I will not explain more about the app details because there is something more exciting coming on the way.

Enable Snapchat Dark Mode for Android & iOS

With the release of iOS 13 and Android 10 versions, everyone became obsessed with the dark mode feature available for the users. No doubt people went crazy about this. It is a system-wide setting with a sexy way of making the UI user-friendly. Many users found it cool and started enabling the dark theme within no time. Not kidding, even my grandma uses dark mode on her phone, haha. This feature has gone viral. With people posting several videos about enabling dark mode even in other versions of Android and iOS. It can be enabled and is supported by many popular apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, Twitter as well. So, Are you eager to know how you can apply the Dark mode to the Snapchat app as well? Then stick with the blog.

How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat

Yes, Snapchat Dark Mode for iOS version was released. But it is not widely available yet. Not many users can enable it or get the feature in their Snapchat app. Don’t worry, you can make your Snapchat look as cool as other apps on your phone with a dark theme. Here is how you can apply a dark theme to your Snapchat for Android and iOS.


How to Enable Dark Mode in Android

To enable Dark mode for Snapchat in Android, Make sure your phone supports the Android 10 version. If not, you can install the Preferences Manager App from the Play store to apply the Dark mode feature. If you have the Dark Mode option available for your mobile. Go to settings and turn on the Dark Mode option and under that, you can see “manage apps in dark mode”. Tap on that and enable Dark mode for Snapchat. Else you can use the app that is mentioned earlier to enable this option.

After downloading the Preference Manager app, the home page will be visible. You have to select Snapchat on the app’s home app and open the App Start Experiment Press.xml file. After opening the file, locate the Dark Mode flag and check if it shows “Disabled”. If yes, then you can “Enable” it. Now close the Preference Manager App. Open the Snapchat, you can see that the Dark mode is applied.

How to enable Dark Mode in iOS

To enable  Snapchat Dark Mode in iOS, check if your phone supports the dark theme. If yes, enable the dark mode option in your system settings. Next, open your Snapchat and click on the “Settings” icon on the top right corner. You will get the settings menu. When you scroll down, you will find “App Appearance”, tap on that, and you will get three pop-up options where you have to choose the “Always Dark” option. Note that this option is not available for all iOS users yet.

enable snapchat darkmode on ios
enable snapchat darkmode on ios


As of now Snapchat Dark mode is rolled out only for the iOS version. Android users using Snapchat have to wait a little longer to experience the official dark mode feature for Snapchat. Meanwhile if you are excited and curious to see how Snapchat dark mode works or feels, then  you can try the alternate way that is explained in the blog,  but you might face inconsistencies like having grey text and other such issues as the Snapchat dark mode for Android is still a work in progress. Try this trick and let us know your experience using this Dark mode for the Snapchat App. 

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