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Telegram has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its advanced features, allowing its user to share huge files, chats encryption, privacy, and security, etc.  Most people install telegram for one-time use and will never open it again, in such cases it is better to uninstall the app or it is even better to delete the account instead of keeping it for now use. But unfortunately, this app does not provide you with an option where you can deactivate it through the app settings. If you are here looking for ways to deactivate or delete your telegram account, then you are at the right place. In this blog, I will explain how to deactivate or delete the account if you are not using it. Let us get started.

How to Delete or Deactivate your Telegram Account:


How to Deactivate the Telegram Account:

Interesting thing is, telegram automatically deactivates your account after you have been inactive for six months.  You can also change the settings and adjust the time how long the telegram should wait before deactivating your account. Here is the process you should follow to deactivate your Account.

  • Open the app and you will see the three lines ( menu) icon on the left top corner. Click on that icon and select the image icon and your profile will open.
  • Now, below your profile, you can see many options such as Accounts, Settings, etc, under the settings you will find an option Privacy and Security, click on the option.
  • You can find different options related to Security and Privacy, scroll down to Delete my Account, and below that you will see “if away for”, select the option
  • A pop-up with 4 options will come where you can see options saying one month, three months, six months, and one year, accordingly, choose an option.
  • You cannot temporarily deactivate the account, so you have to keep it inactive for how long you chose, for it to be deactivated.
telegram app
telegram app
privacy and security to delete telegram account
privacy and security to delete telegram account
delete telegram account
delete telegram account

How to Delete the Telegram Account:

If you cannot wait for so long to remove your telegram account, there is an alternative. But you cannot do it using the app, you have to do it through the telegram web. Follow the below steps to do this:

  • Open the telegram web in the chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Login to your account, by giving your username and password
  • On the next screen, you can see an option that says, Delete Account. Click on that and in the textbox below, write the reason for deleting the account.
  • After giving the reason, hit the delete my Account option and click on the yes, delete my account option that is in red color.
  • After this, the account will get deleted and all the data is removed.
delete telegram account
delete telegram account

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Backup Data

Remember that when you delete your Telegram account, all your data and chats get removed. The messages or contacts cannot be retrieved. When it comes to groups they will function normally but if you are an admin of any group. Telegram will automatically choose the admin based on their activity in the group. Also, you cannot use the same phone number to create a new account for a couple of days. If you want to create a new account you should use some other number. So, by now you should have understood that once you delete your telegram account you cannot get the information or data back. Fortunately, telegram provides an option where you can export the data on its desktop, you can make use of it in case you want to save any data about clients, etc. 

How to export Data from Telegram

For exporting the data you have to install the telegram application on your laptop or PC and sign in to your account. After opening your account, you can see the three-bar (menu) icon on the top-right corner, select the icon. Unser the menu, select the settings options and scroll down till you find an export option. It will be as Export Telegram Data. Click on that and you can choose the type of data that you would like to export. You will have an option to specifically select what chats you want to extract, and other options like the export format, excluding or including public channels, etc, you can also download the stickers that you used in the telegram app. After you click on the Export button, depending on the data size the extraction will be complete and you will see it in the show my data file.


This is all about how you can deactivate, delete and manage the export data from the telegram app. Though telegram is a solid application and has many interesting features, often people might want to delete it for many reasons like when not satisfied with the policies or terms of the applications, when they do not trust the application regarding data or other such things, when they find some other app better than the telegram app with better features. So, whatever the reason is, if you are planning to stop using the telegram app and want to delete the complete data related to this, this blog will be useful for you. Let me know through comments how this blog has helped you remove your telegram account.

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