Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
Dark mode on mac

No doubt, Macs are cool. Imagine applying Dark Mode on your Mac. The dark theme gives that wow look to your Mac, Doesn’t it? Ever thought about why people are obsessed with dark mode on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. And why this feature has become very famous in a short span of time?. There are few reasons why Dark mode has grabbed a lot of attention from the users.  80% of the users have already tried dark theme on their devices. One of the few reasons that allowed the Dark theme feature to gain this popularity is that it allows you to stay focused as the content you are working on stands out while the screen and the controls are dark.

If you still haven’t tried it, you should try it right after getting to know the process. The Dark theme in Mac is a system-wide setting applicable to the inbuilt apps that come with your Mac and third-party apps. Let us see the stepwise process to use or apply Dark theme to your Mac in this blog. 

How to use Dark Mode on Mac

Dark mode on mac
Dark mode on mac

The stepwise process to apply Dark mode on Mac

  • Open the Apple menu and scroll down till you find the “System Preferences” option.
  • Tap on the “System Preferences” and select “General” on the top of your screen.
  • Now you can see various options available, select “Appearance,” where you will get three options: “Light,” “Dark,” “Auto.”
  • You can choose “Light” to have the light mode, and as you are planning to apply Dark Mode, select “Dark.” If you choose “Auto,” you will have light mode during the day and dark mode during the night.
  • After selecting “Dark,” you can go back to your Desktop screen, and you can see the Dark mode applied to your Mac.

This standard method can be applied to any Mac device or version that supports the Dark mode feature. There are also other methods using which you can apply the dark mode to your Mac. Here are the methods you can follow apart from the standard process mentioned above.

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Method 1: By using the virtual assistant Siri 

On Macs that are compatible with Dark Mode, you can make use of the virtual assistant Siri. All you need to do is to say a command like “turn on Dark Mode.”  You can also say “Dark mode.” Now, it will apply dark mode to your Mac. When you no longer want it, you can again say a command like “turn off Dark mode” or “Turn on light mode”. It will disable Dark theme on your Mac. 

Method 2: Control Center

If you are using Mac OS Big Sur, you can see a Control center icon on the top right corner of your Mac. Click on that icon. You will see a display button, and to the right corner, tap on the “>” symbol, where you can see the three options “Darkmode,” “Nightshift,” “True Tone.” Click on Dark mode and enable it. It will apply the dark mode and turn it off when you no longer need it.


Though many users already use dark mode in their Mac. Few people are either not interested or they do not know the process to enable Dark Mode. If you are a little confused about how to apply it, then this blog is for you. And if you are someone who is not interested, I swear once you start using the Dark mode, there is no going back. You will love it. If you are trying to enable it, you can use any of the ways mentioned earlier to apply Dark theme to your Mac. I am sure you will not face any difficulties if you are using one of these methods. Now that you know the process and will apply Dark theme on your Mac. Let me know how much you enjoy it. 


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