Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Auto-shutdown Windows 10

Often, during busy days or late night work, we forget to shut down our Pc and will get carried away with different other tasks after using it. This, in turn, shortens the operating system’s life span. Using Auto-Shutdown in Windows 10, it will allow you to schedule shutdown time where the system shuts down by itself after the work is done.

This feature is useful even when your system starts updating and has other work to take care of. Instead of waiting till the update completes, you can schedule the Auto-shutdown and leave your system to update so that after the updating, the Pc will shut down by itself at the scheduled time. This way, the timed shutdown is so convenient to use and is also easy to set up. Eager to know how this works? This blog will tell you three ways to enable the auto-shutdown feature in your Windows 10 OS.

Setup Auto-shutdown in Windows 10

Method 1: Using Run to Auto shutdown

  • Press “Windows+R” at a time to open the RUN window, or you can open it from the start menu.
  • In the Run window tab, type the command as “shutdown-s-t <seconds> and click on “OK.”
  • For example, if you want the system to be shut down after 5 mins then you have to type “shutdown-s-t 300” and click “OK” or press “Enter.”
  • The system will prompt you, saying, “Windows will shut down in 5 minutes” Press on close and continue working. 
  • Your Pc will shut down automatically after 5 minutes.

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Method 2: Using Command Prompt to Auto Shutdown

  • Press “Windows+X” , select the command prompt option that will be available or press “Windows+R” to open the RUN window tab, type “cmd” and click on “OK,” or you can right-click on the start and choose command prompt from the available menu.
  • Repeat the process explained in the above method by typing the “shutdown-s-t <seconds>” command in the command prompt.
  • You can experiment with different values as well, so after giving the command and clicking the “Enter” key within the given seconds, the system will shut down automatically without you having to do it manually.


Method 3:Using Task Scheduler to Auto Shutdown

  • Open the start menu and search from the task scheduler and click on it to open.
  • Open “Actions,” and you can see various actions available, click on “Create basic task” and select “OK.”
  • The page will now ask you to fill in the “Name” and “Description” for the Action.
  • Given the name “Shutdown,” and click on “Next.”
  • Select “Trigger,” where you will have various options, among which you should choose “One time “ and click on “Next.”
  • Give the date and time when you want the system to shut down and click on “Next.”
  • Press on “Start the program” and select “Next.”
  • Now, open the files and browse for the shutdown.exe file.
  • Open the shutdown.exe file and in the arguments tab, enter “-s” and select “Next.
  • Now click on “Finish,” the system will shut down according to the time and date given in the Action field.
task scheduler
task scheduler




create basic task for Auto-shitdown Windows 10
create basic task for Auto-shitdown Windows 10


Auto-Shutdown in Windows 10
Auto-Shutdown in Windows 10


Auto-shutdown Windows 10
Auto-shutdown Windows 10

How to cancel the Auto-shutdown setup in Windows 10?

Now the question is, once you set up the timed shutdown setup, how do you cancel it? or reschedule it at a different time. It is as simple as creating it.


  • Open the Run window using “Windows+R.”
  • After opening the Run window, type “shutdown a-”
  • Click on “OK” or press “Enter.”

This process will cancel the scheduled shutdown setup. If you want to reschedule it at a different time, you can set up the timed shutdown by following the same process using any of the methods mentioned above.



Auto-shutdown in windows 10 is one such feature that is not used much because not many of us know about it, but using this has been so easy and comfortable, and after using this feature, I started to prefer this rather than manual system shut down. Usually, we will know how long we use the system during fixed office hours and other timed tasks. Instead of forgetting to shut it down, we can automatically use this feature to shut down the Pc. Let me know if you have started using it for your system.


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